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Medical Tourism in Thailand




         Heart... Cancer.. Hip, Joint & Spine... Lasik eye surgery.. Dental.    

              Globally recognized Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery.  

                  Major medical at fractions of US, UK, EU rates.

Avoid Bankruptcy.. 90 million Americans out of the work force. Employers are dumping responsibility for health care on underpaid employees. Millions no longer able to afford coverage. 35% of US credit card holders are facing collection agencies. Of that 35 - 38% are due to medical. Just the copay alone can bankrupt many of us.  Many Florida policies experienced a 20% price hike in 2014. More price hikes for the rest of ya this year. 


Some of you need some options.

Coronary angioplasty in the US... $45,000. In Thailand $7000.  America... You want options to Obama Care?

Forget Obama Care. It's the entire US, Canadian, UK, Australian, EU medical system you want to avoid. 

                                                 US           THAILAND         SAVINGS

Heart Bypass                     $144,000       $16,000         $128,000

Balloon angioplasty             $45,000          $7000           $38,000

Heart valve replacement   $170,000        $20,000        $154,400

Hip replacement                  $50,000          $7500           $42,500

Knee replacement               $50,000          $7500           $42,500      

Breast Implants                   $10,000          $4000              $6000

Face Lift - Cheek & neck     $15,000          $4500           $10,500

Tummy Tuck                       $10,000          $4500              $5500

These rates represent the "median" (the 50% mark) price paid on exit from hospital for an

       "all inclusive bill." Some bills were higher and the exact same number were lower.

Hospital Specialties

Total joint replacement surgery. Plastic, cosmetic & reconstructive surgery. Dental. Skin & laser treatment. Spine surgery. Hand & shoulder surgery. Gastro-Intestinal disorder. Infertility treatment (ART). Urology. Abdominal surgery.  Obstetrics & Gynecology. Cancer and Heart.  Stem Cell.  **Entirely too many procedures and clinics to mention here.**


                               300,000 patients per year.

                               300 Physicians, Surgeons & Dentists on staff with 200 nurses and 500 beds.

                               Many Western trained.         Highly accredited.       Spotless sanitation.

No more snarly US medical staff. You will be a guest here in rooms more usually associated with 5 Star Hotels. A sleeper sofa in each room & complementary snacks for your companion. Spotless sanitation. At fractions of US rates.



You need fast Info?

You have employees, coworkers, 

family or friends that need treatment

or surgery.  If they have a passport

they could be in Thailand 72 hours    after our first contact if necessary.   

                         Forward them?


     Have you been diagnosed with cancer?

You owe it to yourself to check into some real nice options. All cancers. All stages.  And a cheap vacation?

And you know what to do about it..... RUN LIKE HELL!!!... Very reasonable pricing. Inquire today? The Doctor

will want those MEDICAL RECORDS. X-RAYS, MRI'S. And that will really speed things up. OK?

Your US Doctor will be locked into the "Standards of Care Procedures." Any deviation will expose both your Doctor and the hospital to significant legal issues. Many Americans have suffered and needlessly died agonizing deaths because of this and this alone. Treatment and procedures that will never see US Federal approval are available in Thailand. Now. Your treatment will be determined by the Doctor, recognized experts and yourself. Not what some drug company has convinced the standards of care policy committee to endorse. Talk to the Doctor? We can move quickly. You can also. Hit contact us now.


  Kids love Asia.  Complimentary child care during hospital stay.

Regain your health. Now!

35 Federal Agencies expand program to integrate data collected from "your" doctor, hospital & other sources.. Started last Dec.                                     

Large medical facility in Ohio being sued. Woman claims medical staff (friends of her ex) posted her STD diagnosis on FACEBOOK.  There are things in medical records you don't want "Boss Hogg & Roscoe" spreading around town.  You-tube "Boss Hogg & Roscoe" if you're under 30 or were fortunate enough to grow up without US TV.

                                                                                                                  pri-va'-cy matters!


Ladies.. With a US divorce rate nearing 70% and this job market? Looks matter. You've had a couple of kids?  Or just starting your career? Breast enhancement or reduction with a tummy tuck and/or a little liposuction after appropriate diet and exercise can really boost that confidence. New liposuction techniques require no surgery and little down time. With these surgery rates.. air fares.. good deals on hotel prices - when will the time be better?

You let your husband go play golf while you're getting your work done. You really want him hanging out  in a waiting room with Strippers, Ladyboys & Porn Stars? They "flock here" from all over the planet to get their work done from highly experienced surgeons and access to latest techniques. Multiple procedures for less than the price of one in the States. 

Forward this to your gal-pal at envelope button below. Both of ya.. Check into this now. Provide a little info. Get a quote? Set the date. Book that cheap flight and GO. When will you ever get a better deal?  Hit that contact button now. Then.. relax.. in Bangkok. One of the worlds foremost tourist destinations. 

Kindly be aware. Not all of us are candidates for each and every procedure. You need to answer a few questions. Send the Surgeon appropriate pictures of the area or areas of interest. Your Surgeon in Thailand will phone you with appropriate information. 

Kindly do not be misinformed. There is no substitute for 1) Diet.  2) Water. 1qt. per 60 lbs. of body weight per day.  3) 30 minutes of walking or cardio. Then the push-ups, sit-ups, light weights.    




                                                                                                                                                            Rest up and recoup for a week after treatment in one of the worlds foremost tourist destinations. Bangkok.

   All you can eat breakfast buffets in a tropical paradise. All for less than the cost of a dental filling in the US.

                                   Bangkok shopping malls and night markets are not to be missed.

Cosmetic surgery following appropriate diet and exercise works. Multiple procedures for the price of one in the US. And a great vacation. 


Go to and you can fly tomorrow, one way, with prices ranging from $1500 to as little as $500. You're no longer buying the ticket through the airline so if a change is required it will be through the service that sold you the ticket. That change could run you $500. If you're certain of the dates of your return then buy the round trip. I always buy a one way ticket and when I wish to return to the US I buy another one way. Significant savings and important if you need a little flexibility.  But.. play around with those departure dates and don't miss that flight. Must have a passport. Easy to get. Need it rushed? Send overnight return envelope inside of outgoing overnight envelope with your fee.. paperwork and 2 passport pics. Your application go's to top of the stack. That easy.


                            *****All US passport holders are granted a 30 day tourist visa on arrival by air.*****

      ​      FLY TOMORROW...Mar 29th ...  BANGKOK 1 WAY FROM...                                                                                                        

Los Angeles--$595  San Fran-$532   Boston-$685  Miami-$827  Seattle-$762  Atlanta-$861   DC-$677  Phoenix-$767  JFK-$587

Philadelphia-$901  Las Vegas-$829 Chicago-$733  Dallas-$717 Houston-$485  Montreal-$689  Vancouver-$583  Toronto-$627 

       Search Skyscanner using FLEXIBLE departure dates. A difference of only a day or two could save you $100's of dollars. NOTE. These prices are logged in early am.  Prices

       change throughout the day. Total flight time with wait between connecting flights can be from 20 to over 50 hours. The length of time will be shown and kindly do not ignore.


                         "So these guys show you how to fly cheap next day or week..

                           and be medically treated?"

                          "Yea.. and they even help with the hotel."

      Hotel rooms... Research and 10 day advance booking could get you a good deal at $40 or $50.  $800 to $1000 by the month on some favored locals exist. Med patients. Your hotel will be settled well before departure.  

No obligation contact. It's up to you.

Guys? Tired of looking like hell?

A little liposuction.. Some skin rejuvenation?

Do your wive's friends wonder how she could have ended up with such a goofy looking dork? Well join the club. And some of ya have careers that depend on... looks? This is not a substitute for the weight bench or the sit-ups. But in combo? Could shave a good 10 years off those looks?

You will love real Thai food.


 No reporting to US health insurance, government databases or licensing authorities.

Never on FACEBOOK.        pri-va'-cy matters. 

Millions of Americans on SRI's and need help. In privacy. We can help you.