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Medical Tours


Obama care "open enrolment" is now finished.

So whatever you got.. is what you will keep for a while.

  • Your premiums have doubled? Tripled? Quadrupled?
  • Your deductibles are over $6000.
  • Your daughters preexisting condition is no longer covered? At any price?
  • Less coverage... More money and you risk your home without the coverage.

Some of you need some options.

Coronary angioplasty in the US... $45,000. In Thailand $7000. Not a misprint. America... You want options to Obama Care? Forget Obama Care. It's the entire US, Canadian, UK, Australian, European medical system you want to avoid.  Attn: Elderly! Electro-shock therapy increase by 300% for over 65? Medicare pays for it.

OPERATION                             US          THAILAND        SAVINGS

Heart Bypass                     $144,000        $24,000         $120,000

Balloon angioplasty             $45,000           $7000           $38,000

Heart valve replacement   $170,000        $22,000         $148,000

Hip replacement                  $50,000        $14,000           $36,000

Knee replacement               $50,000        $12,000           $38,000

Breast Implants                   $10,000          $3,700             $6,300

These rates represent the "median" (the 50% mark) price paid on exit from hospital for an

       "all inclusive bill." Some bills were higher and the exact same number were lower.

Hospital Specialties

Total Joint Replacement Surgery. Plastic Surgery. Dental. Skin & Laser Treatment. Spine Surgery. Hand & Shoulder Surgery. Gastro-Intestinal Disorder. Infertility Treatment (ART). Urology. Abdominal Surgery.

Colorectal Surgery. Obstetrics & Gynecology. Cancer and Heart. Too many clinics to mention here.

        300,000 patients per year from 40 different countries.

        300 physicians & dentists on staff with 200 nurses and 500 beds.

                                           Highly accredited.

No more snarly US medical staff. You will be a guest here in rooms more usually associated with 5 Star Hotels. A sleeper sofa in each room & complementary snacks for your companion. Spotless sanitation.

At 1/10th to 1/20th US rates.  MEDICAL RECORDS.. Things can move very quickly on receipt there-of.

     You need fast Info?

Cheap Flights...


Go to and you can fly tomorrow, one way, with prices ranging from $1500 to as little as $700.

You're no longer buying the ticket through the airline so if a change is required it will be through the service that sold you the ticket. That change could run you $500. OPTION? Play with the numbers from your airport to BKK - Bangkok. If you're certain of the dates of your return then buy the round trip. I always buy a one way ticket and when I wish to return to the US I buy another one way. Tons of savings and important if you need a little flexibility.  But.. play around with those departure dates. Search one way departure dates for the entire month and you can save tons-a-$$$$'s Don't forget Chiang Mia is a short flight with some cheap domestic airlines in operation or a wonderful 12 hour train to Bangkok. (Night train BKK to CM has GREAT sleepers.... Spurge!)   Plug in Chiang Mia... CNX and check prices again.

                 *****All US passport holders are granted a 30 day tourist visa on arrival by air.*****

You have employees, coworkers, family & friends that need surgery. They could be on an operating table 72 hours from now.

Have you been diagnosed with cancer?

You owe it to yourself to check into some real nice options. All cancers. All stages.  And a cheap vacation?

And you know what to do about it..... RUN LIKE HELL!!!... Very reasonable pricing. Inquire today?

The Doctor will want those MEDICAL RECORDS. X-RAYS.. MRI'S And that will really speed things up. OK?

   Regain your health. Now!

                                     Going vegetarian is soooo... easy here.


95 year-old John Wrana, resident of an Illinois nursing home died early Saturday, hours after being shocked with a Taser and bean bag shotgun rounds from police. He refused a urinary treatment. Staff called police. Wrana was a veteran of the US WWII Burma campaign.   When asked for comment police spokesperson replies..

                           "We still yo heros.. ain't we?" 


                                       Kids love Asia.