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Surgery At Fractions of US Prices


asia run like hell guide

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$669  Fly Tomorrow

 Las Vegas - Bangkok


Why are Americas wealthiest zip codes flocking overseas for medical work?      Pri-va'-cy. 


  35% of US Credit Card holders facing collection.

     Of that 35%.. 38% are due to unpaid medical.


                     AVOID BANKRUPTCY!

  Cheap flight info - Bottom of Thai Medical page.



You didn't leave the US health system. It left you.                                   Some US insurance is accepted. Just ask.

Click on Thai Medical page now.... Cheap flights...Hotel deals. All on one site. *** Fractions of US prices.***

Have your doctor email those medical records, X-Rays, MRI's for a quote. Before you even have to travel.

                 Don't see your surgery or treatment listed? Just ask.        Check out Thai Medical page now.

Tourist high season was bad this year. Before the coup.

Cheap airfare still on. Incredible luxury hotel deals.. are over.

$180 a night room from online hotel promotion site now $40 on one & $30 from another. Update. During curfew and those days are over.  Smart research and a 10 day advance booking can still get a good deal in $40 to $50 range. $800 to $1000 a month in nice places. ***Medical patients.*** Hit me up if you need help.                           

   9.6 Million US kids on

ADHD drugs


Doesn't turn in homework?

Wiggles in chair?

Raises hand out of turn?

Speaks out of turn?

                             "Yep... We got a cure fer dat."

                274,000 zero to one year olds on ADHD drugs.

                      Closest thing you can get to cocaine.


  If you don't have passports.. get um. You might need them. FAST.


THAI MEDICAL                   

  your alternative to Obama care is here.



                                                                    World Class. Period.   

       Heart Center              Cancer Center                  Gastrointestinal                   Respiratory

        Eye center.                 Total joint replacement.                 Hip replacement.            Spinal fusion.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Canadians, British, US Veterans.

                                                                             NO WAITING

Full Dental unit in a hospital setting.      World Class Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery.


Promotional Special

In Vitro fertilization @

    $3850  plus clinical workup.

Heart Bypass @ $16,000 vs. $150,000 US.  Heart Valve @ $20,000 vs. $170,000 US.    

                        Heart special has concluded. Normal pricing above.


Flights, hotel, medical and two weeks in a tropical paradise under a 10% copay. With $1000's still in your pocket.

        And many of you have 20% copays. You just don't know it yet.       


 Beating Obama Care each and every day.